Re: My Little Wish List for Gnome


The main thing I don't like is that your and daniel's system does not have
the representation of the menu matching the menu as displayed. ie: 


where the menu is defined in Browsers, but appears in Internet->Browsers.

Also the whole show=no thing bugs me a bit - it just doesn't seem to make
sense that a file being in ~/.gnome/apps causes that app to _not_ to be on
the menu. It was for this reason that I first thought of not having the
system menu affect what appeared at all. 

Of course, in my way - any new items added by sysadmins don't appear
automatically. I thought about this and as a solution I thought that the
panel could inform the user a start up about new applications that are
installed - with the option of adding them to his menu.

As another solution to this problem I had intended originally that the
system menu would still appear as a submenu off the bottom of the panel
menu, allowing users to browse and then right-click to add things to their
user menu. In the same place that the redhat (or I assume debian) menus
appear if you have them. This has the added advantage that the user can
still access the entire system menu if he wants to.

I think that we need to move away from thinking of the system menu as a
menu and more of a 'repository' with the subdirs representing catagories
of application available to the user rather than actual folders on the
menu (is this what debian does?). The user could then choose to include
certain apps in a menu structure of their own choosing. Apart from default
settings I don't think the system menu/repository should have any impact
on what appears on the panel menu or where it appears.



On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Quantum Seep wrote:

> Actually, my idea could instead by implemented in a way very similar to
> Ian's.  Except in addition to having a "default" tag for individual
> desktop files, you could have a "default" tag for the directory as well.
> Thus my user would have directories set up thus:
> ${USERDESKTOP}/.desktop
>   default=/
> ${USERDESKTOP}/Browsers
> ${USERDESKTOP}/Browsers/.desktop
>   default=/Internet/Browsers
> ${USERDESKTOP}/Browsers/Grail.desktop
>   show=no
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