Re: Gnome/linux on an AMD300

Mikael Hermansson wrote:
> Maybe this is a bit offtopic but I have a Q.
> I am thinking of upgrade my old P150 to a AMD300 now
> I wonder if someone has had problem using Linux/gnome on an AMD machine?
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I have an AMD K6-300 (Asus Super Socket 7 motherboard). I haven't seen 
any problems running with i386 RPMs or compiling with i386 compiler 
target architecture with one exception:

I have some problem with bzip2 images that run on my P100 but don't 
recognize bz2 files as valid on my AMD300. I haven't looked into the 
issue very far...

Jeffrey S. Pedigo
5930A Gunbarrel Ave
Boulder, CO 80301

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