Re: Redrawing slow?

>Yep, it's probably the theme. Try the default gtk theme to compare, it
>will probably seem MUCH faster. If it doesn't then there may be another
>On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Johan Groth wrote:
>> I've used a couple of Gnome applications now for a couple of days
>> (mainly balsa and gmc) and have noticed that redrawing the window after
>> a window resize or change of layout is very slow compared to a motif
>> application. Is this because of the theme I'm using (pixmap) or is
>> gnomeUI, gtk+ and friends just slow?

I tried using the E theme for GTK+ for a while (which uses the PixMap engine) 
and it was so slow (on my SPARc Ultra10 300Mhz) that I switched back within the 
day.  It also stole too many colours on my bbpp framebuffer =O(

With the default theme, it snaps away very nicely =O)

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