Building 0.99.3 on Solaris.

Well, I was going to build a web page, but it wasn't worth it ;O)  To build 
these tarballs here, I had to:

GTOP 0.99.2:
 Compiled/installed fine.

  rm /usr/local/gnome/bin/new-object as install chokes on it being there
     already (still? wasn't this fixed in CVS for 0.99.2?)

  edit po/Makefile to remove from POTFILES:

	../applets/batmon/batmon.c \
	../applets/bussign/bussign.c \
	../applets/freshapp/freshapp.c \
	../applets/gkb/gkb.c \
	../applets/jbc/jbc.c \
	../desktop-properties/app-background.c \
	../desktop-properties/app-bell.c \
	../desktop-properties/app-keyboard.c \
	../desktop-properties/app-mouse.c \
	../desktop-properties/app-ui.c \
	../desktop-properties/args.c \
	../desktop-properties/property-background.c \
	../desktop-properties/property-bell.c \
	../desktop-properties/property-keyboard.c \
	../desktop-properties/property-mouse.c \
	../desktop-properties/property-ui.c \
	../gemvt/getopt.c \

  due to these files not existing anymore.  Again.  Tut Tut ;O)
And that was it.  And I'm pretty sure these problems are OS-independant, so when 
you said they should compile out-of-the-box on Solaris, you weren't kidding!  
Great job guys =O)

On the problem side, all the icons for the "G" menu on the panel are in black 
boxes now, rather than merging into the background colour of the Panel.  did 
someone remove their transparency?

Otherwise, no problems seen yet, and I'm off to build the new GMC =O)


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