Re: Panel applications and libgtop

In message <199901131130.LAA02720@cby-wts>, "Mark R. Bowyer" writes:
| Just a quick question.  Compiling gnome-core on Solaris gives me loads of little 
| panel applets that are esentially useless.  This is because they're supposed 
| to 
| be monitoring various system performance measures, and do this in *very* 
| system-specific ways.
| But we also have the libgtop library, which is supposed to deliver a whole ba

The gnome-core applets are useless because they use libgtop, but there's 
libgtop hasn't been ported to Solaris yet (no, it's not system-non-specific, 
it merely encapsulates the system-specific ugliness --- look at the sysdeps 
tree).  If you have more free time than I do, feel free to fix this....

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