Compile error from CVS, don't remember seeing it


I got down the CVS from and set to compile
them but they all give me the same error.

automake: installing ` ./'
automake: installing  ` ./mkinstalldirs'
automake: installing  ` ./missing'
createing cache  ./config.cache
./configure: syntax error near unexpected token  `
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(Stringlist, '
./configure:  ./configure: line 524: ` AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(Stringlist,

I don't remember seeing this error so I'm asking if there is a fix

I'm running an Intel  pentium 133 64mg ram with SB-AWE64 Gold on
RedHat 5.1 with the updates to 5.2's latest  files.  the version of
esound with
E DR-14 worked fine but this copy doesn't at all stil got :
Can't connect to port 35091
After instaing and reinstalling about four times


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