Adding CDE and KDE Application Menus to Gnome Panel.


OK, I posted about my initial attempt at this a few days back, but got no 
response.  That's OK, I'm a parent, I'm used to being ignored.

After writing the script to add the CDE applications, I changed my mind on how I 
wanted to do the KDE ones.  The CDE script basically copies the folders from the 
Application Manager into Gnome Menu format, and I figured I should copy KDE's 
menu over directly too.  Was I happy to discover that KDE's menu description 
files are almost identical to GNOME's =O)

Anyway, so, I now have 2 extra Menu buttons on my Panel, one offering all the 
CDE dtaction icons, and the other offering the KDE Application menu.  Both have 
the correct layout and icons for each entry where possible.

I have built a web page with a description of how I did it, with the scripts I 
wrote (boy are they ugly) and screen shots of the 2 menus in action.  If anyone 
wants to try this out and comment, please do.  You can get there either from my 
main page (URL in my .sig) and go via the Unix tag, or directly via:
Have fun, I know I do,

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