Curious behavior in mc make check


Is make check in mc really supposed to begin with "rm -rf

It tries to untar itself after that delete, but gets the error:
tar: mc-4.5.6: Could not create directory: Operation not permitted
then it spills long list of "Could not create file: No such file or
directory" messages for every file in the archive.

4.5.6 isn't the first mc to do this, but it's the first I've looked
into.  After the first time it happened, I was shocked, but just
re-unpacked and rebuilt and didn't make check again until today.

For relative newbies ("tarballistas"?) like myself with a habit of
trying "make check", this could be very confusing- even discouraging!

autoconf 2.12, GNU make 3.76.1, GNU tar 1.12.


-Adam `Cold Fusion' Powell, IV ____
USDoC, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)  |\ ||<  |
Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science  | \||_> |

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