Reproducing multiple panels for applets bug?

Sorry, I haven't been fully following the thread, but I noticed that someone was 
seeing multiple panels jump up for applets added to the base one?

I think I reproduced this last night.  I don't know much about the configuration 
of the guy seeing this, so I'll describe what *I* did and hope it helps.

I had installed a pre-compiled libpng from the Enlightenment-on-Solaris website, 
and it had been built with all the debug flags on, so when starting any 
Gtk/GNOME applications (even E) I got loads of messages about which png_* 
function it was in.  Annoying, so off I went and built the latest libpng to 
replace it.

I copied the old out the way, and installed the new one, and then 
restarted panel, and I saw this problem.  I got a load of different panels 
(right bottom corner panels in my case) with only the menus on, none of them had 
applets.  I could LogOut of each seperately, they were definately seperate 

I tried switching the old library back in, to no effect.  What I think was 
happening was that some GNOME applications (and E I suppose) had mmapped the 
older library in, and this is all over NFS on our server (which may not be 
relevent) and so I had some applications using one library, and others using a 
different one.  Or maybe even different pages from the 2 libraries were being 
stored locally as the *same* library.  Anyway, I ended up going back to the new 
library, logging out and in again, so everything was reloaded, and then 
everything worked fine.

Now, this may not have been purely down to the libpng in use.  It could be down 
to *any* library getting confused between different applications.  Are you sure 
that all your GNOME parts are started with the same library pat, and/or were 
compiled against the same library?  If you have multiple versions of some of the 
shared libraries, use ldd to check which of them each of your executables are 
linked against?  If you find differences, that *may* be it.

Just trying to help,

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