Re: esound on Solaris

>From: Brian Kurotsuchi <>

>I'm going through the process of compiling the source and have got up to
>control-center.  Since Esound isn't supposed to work on Solaris, what do I do?
>The configure script sounds like it is going to skip the relevant things, but
>the make fails badly because the configure script did not create many of the
>Makefiles (presumably because it couldn't find ESD).

EsounD works just fine on Solaris, unless you want it to play the Enlightenment 
or GNOME sound effects, which for some reason it can't do right now, on Solaris, 
Linux and others.

But I have esd, all of GNOME and Enlightenment working on Solaris 2.6, 7 and 
8_alpha here.  Took some work tweaking them to compile, but they do.

When 0.99.3 comes out I'll document all my tweaks and put up a web page.  If you 
have any problems prior to that, I'm willing to help you get over them, just 
email me the error messages.


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