Re: Please fix ORBit dependancies

Quoting Sebastian Wilhelmi <>:
> Hi, Erik,
> I checked in a change to make it work with that versions also, it is a
> hack, but much shorter than some nifty comparion things, so it should be
> ok.

Cool.  Thanks! [sound of cvs diff in the background].

Of course those fixes are still temporary... Why not add AC_PREREQ(2.13)
to That will at least catch the autoconf case the Right
Way(tm). For automake, I guess you can stick with the current kludge
until a versioning fix comparable to AC_PREREQ goes into automake.

Anyway, for now it gets the job done....

> BTW: For ORBit, the ORBit list <> is a better suited
> place for such questions.
> Bye,
> Sebastian

Sorry.  didn't know.  I'll use that next time...

> P.S.: Where did you got automake version 1.4 version from??? I did not
> find it even on the ftp server of Tom Tromey:

>From the cygnus anoncvs server. :-)  I guess I could use the released
version now that it supports AC_DEFINE_DIR.  


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