Re: If I install Enlightenment before I finish off the Gnome Stuff

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, kiwiPete ( Peter Cague ) wrote:
> Hi

Hi there!

> Whats going to happen if I install E now, before I finish the Gnome
> building?

You will have a very pretty window manager on your system.  What did you
think would happen? :-)

E is not a gnome application, it is a separate window manager that works
very well with or without GNOME.

> I can't finish Gnome as the Gnome-core-0.99.tar is a very sick puppy.

Well, make sure you have the latest version of the gnome-core tarball
release.  You also might try a snapshot tarball, for example:

If you are still having problems, send the vital statistics of your system
(operating system, CPU, relevant libraries) and the compile errors you get
to this list.

> Or ! ( I don't see this as a real good trick but ) can I compile the
> rest of the Gnome bits, do E and do the core when it's fixed.

That's no problem at all, since E isn't a GNOME bit.  Most of GNOME should
even compile without gnome-core, as long as gnome-libs is in good shape.
As far as I know, the only packages which depend on gnome-core are those
which have panel applets (eg. gtkicq).

But rather than waiting idly for gnome-core to be "fixed", send in
detailed bug reports.  If it is a bug, the developer needs to know about
it before it can be fixed.  Also, there is the possibility that your
problem is something on your system, and any amount of waiting won't fix
that, but someone here might be able to tell you what's gone wrong.

Best of Luck,

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