Re: esound and playing mp3's ?]

Wow! looks like ive opened a can of worms,
im sorry to cause anyone any grief with my starting of this thread.
i would like to thank all of you who have worked very hard getting all of this stuff
running to the point where a xwindows nubiee
like myself could at least start to play with it a bit.. i think its wonderful and
would like to be more involved. But first i see i will have to
bootstrap myself up to speed just to understand WTF is making all this stuff on my
system happen. I have been working hard so far.. figuring out lib's, RPM's,
Tarballs, CVS, hanging in IRC ect.. screwing things up... re-installing the whole damn
thing at times. trying to figure out in serious frustration how i can "get with this
program"  i dident realize that getting a mp3 player to work would cause so much
commotion.. Sorry :(

btw .. esddsp .. Command not found... mabe version too old?   Cyas .....Thanx for all
the attention....PhroG

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