Re: esound and playing mp3's ?

On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, gnome wrote:
> i can't seem to play mp3's (or any sounds for that matter ) while esd is
> initialized is this normal?
> im brand spankin new to E so im not sure whats really going on.. I do
> know that if i dissable esd mp3 players work just fine..  anyone that
> can fill me in would be appericated thanx in advance...PhroG

Sound has been acting weird for me the last few days. Esd sound quality
has been a bad rugged, and E, wasn't even playing the effects like it did
only a week again with esd. I still get sound using esd at start and I
still get sounds with gnome but not with E ( I know ricdude posted a
patch but I haven't gotten around to testing it yet for me ).
>From what I remember,if you use mpg123 and esd is on you can:
mpg123 -s <file>.mp3 | esdcat 
and it _should_ work. Now while this has worked for me before, I now get
totally crappy sound doing this. Hopefully this problem will get fixed,
soon. It's really sad to have to kill esd to play an mp3 and then restart
it when you're finished as I think the whole point of having a sound
daemon was to not have to do this. 
Is anyone else experiencing problems? 

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