gnome-libs and ORBit (Re: Unidentified subject!)

"Jesse D. Sightler" <> writes:

|   You have an outdate "ORBit-devel" package installed.

Thanks for the info.

|   > Someone sent this problem report and I haven't seen an answer.
|   > 
|   > sed: file conftest.s2 line 40: Unterminated `s' command ./config.status:
|   > line 1: 3411 Broken pipe sed -f conftest.s1 3412 Done(1) | sed -f
|   > conftest.s2 ./config.status: line 321: 3409 Broken pipe sed -e
|   > "$ac_comsub=

Is it possible

    a) to check for a suitable ORBit version and

    b) to release ORBit > 0.3.0 "semi-officially".

I know, there's an newer .src.rpm but I'd like to have an tar.gz ;)
Thanks for all your good work!

Karl Eichwalder

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