help me to bugfix

 Help me.

 My applet is buggy, but I don't know, how... I think it could work, but it
 make crash of panel.

 Yes, that's the GKB applet. gnome-core/applets/gkb/gkb.c

  Please make install the program, and run.. You will see, the program's base
 conception is ok, but somewhere I made misses.

  The applet switches the keyboard, then writes to the console mad
 GDK-messages: "Gdk-Message: Got event for unknown window: 0" ...

  The properties dialog makes the change of properties, after that makes
 coredump of panel... Something is wrong, but now I've got less sparetime,
 (and I haven't find the bug)
 so if you able to help, please do. 




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