SOLUTION: Re: Information: Midnight Commander crashes.

>From: Miguel de Icaza <>
>Unless I am proved wrong, I believe this is a bug in your OS
>implementation for regexec/regcomp.  

Unless I'm dimmer than I thought, you're actually correct in reverse. =O)   The 
Solaris versions of regexec and regcomp work just dandy.  The versions that come 
with mc in the regex.c file are broken.

Proof and fix:

	markbo@moredhel/home/markbo/GNOME/mc-4.5.6 347 ]diff src/regex.c.orig 

	< regcomp (preg, pattern, cflags)
	> regcomp_dontuse (preg, pattern, cflags)
	< regexec (preg, string, nmatch, pmatch, eflags)
	> regexec_dontuse (preg, string, nmatch, pmatch, eflags)

    markbo@moredhel/home/markbo/GNOME/mc-4.5.6/gnome 351 ]nm gmc | grep regcomp
    [2742]  |   1159096|       0|FUNC |GLOB |0    |UNDEF  |regcomp
    [1793]  |    512744|     560|FUNC |GLOB |0    |9      |regcomp_dontuse
    markbo@moredhel/home/markbo/GNOME/mc-4.5.6/gnome 352 ]nm gmc | grep regexec
    [3385]  |   1159108|       0|FUNC |GLOB |0    |UNDEF  |regexec
    [1804]  |    513304|     736|FUNC |GLOB |0    |9      |regexec_dontuse
OK? so now we're forcing gmc to use these 2 functions as found in Solaris'

And guess what?  It works this way ;O)

Funny thing is, I couldn't see how come this file is the same as used in the 
curses "mc", and yet if I just ran "mc", it appeared to work fine, too, without 
this fix...  *That* had me confused about your diagnosis for some time.  Then I 
tried to actually *view* files with it, and then and now I get a Bus Error...

Don't know quite how you can fix this one now.  Can you check whether the OS 
already *has* these 2 functions, and not define them yourself if they do?

Thanks anyway - It now opens the directory it's started in and shows lovely 
icons =O)

But as soon as I change directory it appears to freeze having filled the right 
frame with the new file icons, and won't refresh or anything.  Even trying to 
exit the window frame doesn't help.  I'm looking into this now.


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