Re: gmc dndrop ??

Justin Ross wrote:
> >> Do you think this scheme is broken?  Do you think a different set
> >>of keybindings should be used?
> >I think it should prompt.  I find this behaviour confusing; I had
> >before now just thought that gmc didn't support linking and was
> >planning on reporting it as a bug.
> Let me second that.  Windows has the drag without extra keys perform a
> default action, but that default is not always what one expects.  Best
> to prompt in all cases, except when an excellorator is used.

True, but once you get use to the default option, it is quite
convenient.  How about an option to chose if it prompts; always copies,
moves, or links; or copies moves or links based on a set of rules which
include the destination, source, and type of file.

Kevin Atkinson

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