Re: (*sigh) new gnome-libs problems.

On 7 Jan 1999, Martin Baulig wrote:

> I guess you already installed gnome-libs, then updated and installed ORBit
> (Elliot wrote that he broke binary compatibility) and now you're trying to
> install gnome-libs again.
> I got the same problem yesterday - due to a bug in libtool it doesn't
> execute the newly built gnome-gen-mimedb, but the one that's in your PATH
> (and sometimes it is even trying to use the newly compiled libraries instead
> of the ones it was linked with). So you should delete to old gnome-gen-mimedb
> first before running `make install'. This made it work for me.
> If this does not help, try deleting all of the old gnome-libs libraries
> before.


Gnope.  Re-reinstalling ORBit from scratch, followed by 'make uninstall,' 'make
distclean,' and re-compiling gnome-libs still horks at the same place in 'make

Any other thoughts?  Some other lib that needs updating?  Should I just give
up and wait for GNOME 2.0.1 sometime in mid-'01?  Thanks in advance....

(Grr.  I've been compiling things for over a week now, and still can't get
past gnome-libs.  It's enough to send me over to KDE again....)

R Pickett                Look around you. This is what the world      looks like at the end of the millenium.

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