LibGTop 0.99.2 and GTop 0.99.2 released

Hello guys,

I just released new versions of LibGTop 0.99.2 and GTop 0.99.2.

* Location:

  There's also a new release of the LibGTop guile and perl bindings
  (you'll need the new version of gnome-guile for this):


  However, this is only required if you want to rebuild the documentation
  yourself and the documentation is pretty out of date.

* CVS:

	libgtop		- tag LIBGTOP_0_99_2
	gtop		- tag GTOP_0_99_2

LibGTop 0.99.2 only fixes compilation errors over 0.99.1 and 0.99.0, so if
you already have a working version installed you probably won't need to

GTop 0.99.2 is the first stable release after a longer period of time and
has some new features including textual status line and SMP support in the
process bar.

It is also feature-freezed for GNOME 1.0, so only bug-fixes will go in until
we have GNOME 1.0 ready. As with gnome-libs and gnome-core, the GNOME_STABLE
branch of GTop is now deprecated as well, all changes should go into HEAD -
merging all the time is really a hard job ...


   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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