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On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, James M. Cape wrote:
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> > Now that anonymous gnome-cvs is down, where do we go to keep with all the
> > updates? My script has been compiling the same source for the last 3
> > nights. Noticed glib and gtk 1.1.12 have been released, too bad i couldn't
> > just update them from cvs rather than downloading the entire source
> > package :(
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> > Date: 05-Jan-99
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> Did I miss something today? The Gnome website isn't there, and now I
> hear that GNOME_STABLE is being ignored, and the anon cvs isn't working
> at all? What's up?

The GNOME website is up now, perhaps there was a temporary problem there.

The GNOME_STABLE tag is being temporarily abandoned, due to syncronization
problems.  During the feature freeze, everything is going in HEAD.  When
GNOME v1.0 is released, the GNOME_STABLE tag will reappear, and HEAD will
become the GNOME development branch (similar concept to the GTK 1.1
development branch).

The anonymous CVS is four machines.  One of them (, seems to
be completely down.  The other three are up, but none of them are feeding
the versions that are supposed to be there (eg. GTK+ 1.1.12).

This seems to be a pattern, whenever a serious release is imminent, the
anonymous CVS servers go completely to pot.  They clear up soon after the
release.  I think this is a manpower issue (the developers don't have time
to pay attention to the servers, and nobody else is doing it), but I can't
be sure.  If it is a manpower issue, I'm sure there are plenty of
non-developers here (me included) who are willing to help.


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