Re: RedHat Links fails

On 3 Jan 1999 George replied to the RedHat links dilemma
Sorry to those who may have replied also. My mailbox crashed.
I have uninstalled and re-installed the Red-hat Gnome 0.99.1 which I downloaded from the Gnome FTP site. They were RPM packages. I still get the same errors, but unfortunately I don't get the same message as before the uninstall - reinstall
When the mouse pointer goes over the "RedHat apps" menu item, Gnome exits with a Gdk warning. Gdk window unexpectadly destroyed. The original message was more of a clue when it said "(probably a missing pixmap)"
Sorry for the vagueness here, but what will happen is this particular menu item will raise (visually) , text and RedHat icon dissappear and then that's the end of that.
Also, right clicking on the paned produces another menu (without icons) and the problem occurs here also.
Where does Gnome search for the RedHat apps links, is there possibly something wrong with my directory structure?
I am running Red Hat 5.1 with WindowMaker as the windows manager

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