Hi all,

In gnomecal 0.99.0, I did new appointment with recurrence of weekly, mon and
wed, and ending date after two months. Then I picked a exceptions of first mon
and wed of a month.

What this does is, in Day View and Week View, the month cal on the right
side/bottom left does not bold rest of mon and wed of that month

Picking exceptions is day to day thing right now, but it should be able to do
blocks of days, weeks.

In Year/Month View, I think it would be great to have color code for special
days/any-day, like birthday as green(or what ever color). Also, both Month and
Year View should be able to change month/year to another.

Also, I think there should be way to put a note to a day.

Over all, I think this program is very nice.


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