Re: Why taskbars are a bad idea to begin with.

Excuse me for my ignorance, what is the distinction between 'window lists'
and 'taskbar' ?

Also, can someone clarify the meaning of 'workspaces' for me. Some here
seem to think it's just a fancy way of describing virtual desktops. While
others are referring to it as a television channel analogy (i have not a
clue what this infers.) I thought it was the former, but what the hell do i

On 03-Jan-99 James M. Cape wrote:
> Removing multiple workspaces from the various window managers isn't an
> option, so a real solution must be found. The pager is one answer.
> Window lists are another. A taskbar isn't.
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Date: 03-Jan-99
Time: 07:05:38

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