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I have found some bugs in some apps that I would like to report.

Litespeed, Replay and Pharmacy call gtk_clist_set_policy. This function
seems to have been removed from gtk wich causes the compilation of
 these apps to break. Electrick Eyes also did this but that was fixed
 today on cvs.

gtcd doesn't open my cd tray and the voume doesnęt work. With
 cdplayer_applet opening of the cd tray works but to close it I need 
to press the button twice.

Balsa works great (this was written using it) but it misses a very
important feature that is the equivalent to pine's expunge (X). This
is a problem because I like to keep balsa running all the time and my 
mailbox gets filled with deleted messages.

Gnumeric asks for libxml. In wich package does this come?

Keep up the good work guys!!!

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