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On Sat, 2 Jan 1999, Yo 'Ric Dude wrote:

> > ->  I can find cool apliances for this like doing a small chat
> > ->  app that would just connect to the listener's esd to play the
> > ->  sound.
> > 
> > alrady did this before in scripts :) works :)
> you:  esdrec [-b -m -r 8000] | esdcat -s
> them: esdrec [-b -m -r 8000] | esdcat -s
> -b for 8 bit sound, -m for mono, -r 8000, to cut the sampling
> rate to a manageable rate.  Add an ADPCM com/decom layer, (basic 
> hook reserved, needs significant fleshing out) and you could 
> probably do this over a modem, at least for speech.

What would be really nice is a generic compression plug-in system. That 
way I could choose (for example) LPC for voice, MP3 to distribute CD 
audio around my home, etc. 

Damien Miller

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