Re: esd

On Sat, 2 Jan 1999 wrote:

> ->  Is it possible to use esd to play audio from one computer to another. This
> ->  would be real cool because I could do things like hearing the cd's I play
> ->  in my portable with decent audio by using my pc's sound capabilities.
> yup - esad handles this.
> one example:
> mpg123 -s file.mp3 | esdcat -s

Of course, it would be _much_ more bandwidth efficient to do:

	cat file.mp3 | ssh -l user "(mpg123 -s - \
		| esdcat)"

or something.  (I don't use mpg123 or esdcat, so I'm not sure of the exact
syntax of either.)

Over an unloaded local network, it probably doesn't matter, but over a WAN
link it might be very important.

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