posible config library functions

//opens the data
int cfg_open(char *Name);

//closes the data
int cfg_close(char *Name);

//creates an object Object
int cfg_create_object(char *Name, char *Object);

//destroys the object Object.
int cfg_destroy_object(char *Name, char *Object);

//counts the number of objects located in Object
int cfg_count_objects(char *Name, char *Object);

//counts the number of attributes associated with Object
int cfg_count_attributes(char *Name, char *Object);

//gets the length of Attrib_Name associated with Object
double cfg_get_attribute_len(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name);

//gets Attrib_Name
char *cfg_get_attribute(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name);

//gets a list of attributes associated with Object
char **cfg_get_attribute_names(char *Name, char *Object);

//gets a list of objects within Object
char **cfg_get_object_names(char *Name, char *Object);

//sets an attribute, if none exists, it is created
int cfg_set_attribute(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name, char

//destroys an attribute
int cfg_destroy_attribute(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name);

// misc settings
int cfg_cache_object(char *Name, char *Object);
int cfg_cache_object_names(char *Name, char *Object);
int cfg_cache_attribute(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name);
int cfg_cache_attribute_names(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name);
int cfg_uncache_object(char *Name, char *Object);
int cfg_uncache_object_names(char *Name, char *Object);
int cfg_uncache_attribute(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name);
int cfg_uncache_attribute_names(char *Name, char *Object, char
int cfg_dont_cache_object(char *Name, char *Object);
int cfg_dont_cache_object_names(char *Name, char *Object);
int cfg_dont_cache_attribute(char *Name, char *Object, char *Attrib_Name);
int cfg_dont_cache_attribute_names(char *Name, char *Object, char


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