GTop core dump... GWP... GDM X authority settings...

Hi there...

1) Running GTop, I changed the process view font to 'Clean' at 12 point.
GDM core dumped.

#0  0x4037de74 in g_cache_remove ()
#1  0x401919ae in gtk_gc_release ()
#2  0x401df2f8 in gtk_style_detach ()
#3  0x40210867 in gtk_widget_set_style_internal ()
#4  0x402100f6 in gtk_widget_set_style ()
#5  0x80547b7 in procview_properties_update ()
#6  0x40080bd2 in gnome_property_object_update ()
#7  0x40080ab6 in _property_object_action ()
#8  0x40080b48 in gnome_property_object_list_walk ()
#9  0x805ee67 in gtop_properties_apply ()
#10 0x4007fd35 in gnome_property_box_marshal_signal ()
#11 0x401d9da8 in gtk_handlers_run ()
#12 0x401d91e3 in gtk_signal_real_emit ()
#13 0x401d7151 in gtk_signal_emit ()

2) With a CVS GWP and gnome-print, I get zillions of font warning
messages every time that I type something in gwp. Are people going to be
concentrating a lot more on gwp once 1.0 comes out? The thing gnome
really needs IMHO to make it extremely cool as opposed to just cool is a
decent word processor.

2) Are there any docs on how to installed GNOME? There should be. As an
experiment yesterday, I downloaded the complete set of 0.99.8 RPMs, and
reinstalled from scratch. Having performed a rpm-ihv *.rpm, I ran into
the problem that there is no obvious documentation about installation
(not on the gnome website certainly).
Questions that I ran into (which I know the answer to, but need to be
answered in documentation):
* How do I start gnome? Using gdm in inittab? Using gnome-session in my
.xinitrc? Or do  I just run panel and friends when I want them?
* Why isn't gdm configured by default to use GNOME? The configuration
file in the RPM does not do this...

Question that I'd like to know the answer:
* Starting GNOME with gdm... Gdm appears to set up some kind of
Xauthority authentification. So I regularly get whinging messages about
X clients having access denied. This is all on my local machine. What's
up with gdm?


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