Re: gnome-terminal macros and guile extensions

And in time we could write towers of hanoi for gnome-terminal, then a
phychoanalist that produces quotes based on highlighted words, and...
and... and... ;-)

Aldy Hernandez wrote:
> gnome-terminal could also add scheme bindings that would make it aware
> of what is on the screen.  so i could have a macro [spell-word] that
> would execute:
>         (define (spell-word)
>           (let ((word (gnome-terminal-get-highlight)))
>             (if (system (string-append "/bin/spell -w " word))
>                 (gnome-terminal-display-in-status-bar "Word ok")
>                 (gnome-terminal-display-in-status-bar "Mispelled"))))
> ideally it would be great to have bindings for all of gnome, allowing
> any extension to be able to pop up gnome-windows with information,
> etc.  but this isn't imperative.
> is this feasable for inclusion in gnome-terminal?


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