Re: [GMC] expanding tree changes focus of right pane

I have to agree that Ned's suggested behaviour is extremly helpfull, I
find myself doing the same thing  - selecting files to move, then
realizing that the folder was not visible and using the "plus"es to make
the folder visible without unselecting the files in the right pane.  


On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, BASS, Ned wrote:

> Expanding a tree in the left pane by clicking the plus sign changes the
> focus of the right pane to the expanded folder.  This is probably the
> intended behaviour, but I find it useful to be able to select some files in
> the right pane, and then be able to expand trees in the left pane without
> losing my place in the right pane.  This makes it easier to drag files from
> the right panel to a desired location in the left pane.  This is how I
> suggest that the behaviour should be:
> Clicking the plus sign by a parent directory to expand it does not change
> the focus of the right pane.
> Double clicking a parent direcotry to expand it does change the focus of the
> right pane.

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