Hidden drag&drop functionality

Lots of people love drag&drop. I, personally, have got a problem with
it.  Most of the drag&drop functionality is somehow hidden - for
example (AFAIK), you can drag a pixmap from gmc onto the Gnome panel,
and it's used as a texture. The panel accepts lots of other drop
actions, too (again, AFAIK).

Someone had to tell me this. The only way to find it out oneself is
either trial and error, or documentation. Thus, I've got a proposal.
It would be nice if one had a drag&drop guide which documents all the
non-obvious drag&drop functionality in Gnome. To create it would be
trivial - just have every app developer (v)grep his source for drag or
drop actions, collect them all, and write that document.

If such a drag&drop guide existed, people would *know* about these
immensely cool features instead of discovering them each on their own.
I think this would be good for Gnome. Don't you?


P.S.: Smack me if you are already doing such a thing. It's a pretty
      obvious idea.
_Braveheart_? I think I'd take any film over _Braveheart_ anytime.
Especially _Judge_Dredd_. It's almost the same film. Perhaps they just
did some postprocessing on _Braveheart_ to produce it. Or was it the
other way 'round?                                              -- mawa

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