glue code ?

Marius Vollmer wrote:

> boirie <> writes:
> > I was wondering what .defs files are for...?
> They are used in a couple of language bindings to describe the API of
> Gtk and Gnome in such a way that glue code can be automatically
> generated from them.

 glue code...mmh...What the hell is that ??
Do you know if there is any documentation about this topic (language
bindings I mean...)

Feeling very curious this morning, thanks,



    ^    ^    A physicist, an engineer, and a computer
   ( ~  ~ )   scientist were discussing the nature of
    (.)(.)    God. Surely a Physicist, said the physicist,
    / .. \   because early in the Creation, God made
     (--)    Light; and you know, Maxwell's equations, the
      vv    dual nature of electro-magnetic waves, the
           relativist consequences... An Engineer!, said the
        engineer, because before making Light, God split
     the Chaos into Land and Water; it takes a hell of
  an engineer to handle that big amount of mud, and
orderly separation of solids from liquids... The
computer scientist shouted: And the Chaos, where do
you think it was coming from, hmm?


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