RE: ideas for gnome calendar

Might work. Maby a panel applet would also be a good idea. There might be a
problem with the cron stuff. Can normal users (non root) setup cron jobs?

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> I had a thought or two for gnome calendar.  Until there is a server, you
> really have to keep gnomecal running if you want to be notified of
> events.  Kind of a waste of resources don't you think?
> I was thinking that gnomecalendar should put reminders into cron/atd
> instead of hanging around to do the reminding itself.  The at job would
> call up gnomecal (or have it open a window if it is already running) in
> "notification" mode.  Some of gnomecal could be carved out into small
> programs that could be called from atd to perform just the reminder
> stuff.  Or gnomecal proper could be invoked in a "reminder mode".
> Thots?
> b.
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