Re: gnome-utils-0.99.5 build problem

>From: "David & Kathleen Seidel" <>

>There seems to be a problems with the gnome-utils-0.99.5 tar ball.
>Either a source file is missing, or there's an incorrect makefile.
>here's what I get on make:

>`../mini-utils/guname/moreinfo.c', needed by `gnome-utils.pot'.

Yup, I mentioned the same here yesturday.

I got around it by removing this line from the Makefile, and then in 
mini-utils/Makefile, removing guname from the list of directories to visit.  It 
appears at least 2 files are missing (moreinfo.h and moreinfo.c) but I don't use 
this anyway, so not building was an easy fix.


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