RE: GNOME 0.99.5 is out

Very cool!! I updated my cvs tree using GNOME_0_99_5 tag for all Gnome* 
modules released as 0.99.5, but cvs returns an error on gnome-pim, "no such tag

So, I did cvs status -v gnome-pim after updating the ChangeLog and this what I

 Existing Tags:
        GNOME_0_99_3                    (revision: 1.5)
        CALSERV_BRANCH                  (branch: 1.5.2)
        CALSERV_BRANCH_TAG              (revision: 1.5)
        PANTING_CHIMPANZEE              (revision: 1.4)
        GNOME_0_30                      (revision: 1.4)
        GNOME_0_27                      (revision: 1.3)
        DROOLING_MACAQUE                (revision: 1.3)
        GNOME_0_25                      (revision: 1.3)
        GNOME_0_20a                     (revision: 1.3)
        GNOME_0_20                      (revision: 1.3)

So, I'll download gnome-pim.tar.gz when it spreads to mirror sites since is one busy machine.:)

        Great job folks,

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