Re: Exception-Handling in C

On 30 Dec 99, Owen Taylor had this to say about Re: Exception-
Handling in C:  

> I've written a fair bit of exception-safe code in C and exception
> thunking code for my Perl bindings for the ILU, MICO, and ORBit
> CORBA ORBs, and it is never pleasant. It isn't something I would
> want to inflict on ever GNOME library and application developer.

What about writing some app/applet stuff in Ada?  Is there a 
GTK+/Ada binding?  Ada's got the best strong typying, compile time 
checking, and readability around (plus standard-defined interfaces 
to other languages).  You can even write in Ada and generate java 
byte-code...  From what I understand, the new C++ standard pretty 
much screwed up the exception/std_template/auto_ptr stuff (ie, you 
can't use them the way they should be used).

(just trying to start another flame-war... ;)


Stephen L Arnold            
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