Re: Panel Problem! help!

The panel which is being run is not in fact the gnome panel.  It is an
XView test program that happens to also be called panel.  If you do not
plan on doing any XView programming, I would suggest removing the xview
examples package (I don't know the exact name, but running something like
"rpm -qa | grep -i xview" might help find it).

Alternatively, you could just delete the xview panel test program.  To
find the program, use "find / -name panel".



On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Mustafa Baig wrote:

> Hi
> I've installed Suse 6.2 on a new hard disk. Now when i try to run gnome... the gnome panel doesn't show up instead a square window named "panel test" shows up in the middle of screen . Rest of the things like gnome file managers etc work fine , the problem is only with panel.
> The following is the error message i am getting:
> Xview warning: SERVER_IMAGE_PIXMAP: unable to get geometry( server image package)
> I had suse on my other hard disk before and gnome worked fine. This time i have done a complete install... everything!
> Any Ideas what the problem might be?
> thanks in advance
> Mustafa

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