RE: Milestones document

>> 2) How can I minimize memory usage?
>The two biggest chunks are Netscape and pixmap themes (for GTK or E). Kill
>those. Then, you can try a small window manager. Also, be sure to use "New
>terminal" from existing gnome-terminals instead of starting new
>gnome-terminal processes. 

Just a sugestion...

Can't be done some kind of '--remote' command line option for 
gnome-terminal (and maybe for other apps) as there is with Netscape?

So, instead of call gnome-terminal directly, call a wrapper first that would decide
wheter to start a gnome-terminal window or to 'signal' an existing one to respawn/fork/...

If the trade for memory this big, I think that solution in this way would be worth.

	--Raul Dias

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