Can't login using gdm


I'm having a few problems getting gdm to work. When I start 
gdm, X 
starts up OK and the gdmgreeter window appears, but any action 
then take, including login, reboot, halt etc, results in X 
going down and
restarting. The debug output is as follows:

gdm[214]: gdm_main: Here we go...
gdm[214]: gdm_local_servers_start: Starting :0
gdm[214]: gdm_server_start: :0
gdm[214]: gdm_auth_secure_display: Securing :0
gdm[216]: gdm_server_start: '/usr/X11R6/bin/X auth 
/var/gdm/:0.xauth :0'
gdm[214]: gdm_server_usr1_handler: Starting display :0!
gdm[214]: gdm_slave_start: Opening display :0
gdm[214]: gdm_display_manage: Managing :0
gdm[218]: gdm_slave_start: Starting slave process for :0
gdm[218]: gdm_slave_start: Opening display :0
gdm[218]: gdm_slave_greeter: Running greeter on :0
gdm[214]: gdm_display_manage: Forked slave: 218...
gdm[218]: gdm_slave_greeter: Greeter on pid 219
gdm[218]: gdm_slave_child_handler: 219 died
gdm[214]: gdm_child_handler: child 218 returned 2
gdm[214]: gdm_child_action: :0
gdm[214]: gdm_server_restart: Server for :0 restarting!

I installed gdm from a .rpm. I run kdm at the moment which 
works OK, but
would like to switch if I can make gdm work. Any help would be 


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