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In order to get the gmc and panel menu stuff on the root window under
Window Maker, you need to move the Window Maker Applications menu so
that it is activated by the middle or left mouse button.  By default,
the gmc and panel root menu is mapped to the right mouse button. 
Unfortunately, the Window Maker Applications menu is also mapped to the
right mouse button by default.

To correct this, bring up the Window Maker Configuration tool by going
to the Control Panel, selecting the Window Manager subsection under
Desktop and hitting the "Run Configuration Tool For Window Maker"
button.  When the configuration tool comes up, select the mouse icon. 
Under the "Workspace Mouse Actions", move the Applications menu to the
middle mouse button, move the "Select windows" to the left mouse button
and deselect the "Window list menu" option (you can use the GNOME pager
to do the same thing as the Window list menu does).  Save the new
configuration.  The next time that you use the right mouse button the
root menu, you should get the gmc and panel menu.  Under there, you can
rescan/refresh the desktop and recreate icons, etc.

I hope this helps.

Bidemi Temidire 

On 19 Aug, Mat Withers wrote:
> Low Lifeboy wrote:
>> I'm running the latest GNOME/WindowMaker. Are these two made to work with
>> each other?
>> My RH 6.0 came setup with GNOME/E, but E keeps crashing on me and messing up
>> my settings - even though I got the latest RPMs for GNOME/E from RedHat.
>> For instance, where do I find the option to 'refresh' the desktop; I can no
>> longer find it now that I'm using WindowMaker. How do I tell GNOME now to
>> re-create the icons?
>> And sometimes gmc dumps core on me - many times actually.
>> Is the GNOME/E combination something that works better or can I pick other
>> window manager?
>> Please advise
>> Thank you.
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> I'm using WindowMaker 0.60.0 at the moment compiled with Gnome Support.
> It mostly works except that I cannot get it to pass root menu clicks
> onto gmc. I've disabled Dock and Clip and use panel instead. After
> fiddling with the attributes menu on various applications, I eventually
> added "*" = {NoAppIcon = Yes;}; to ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMWindowAttributes
> to disable all application icons. The only other annoying thing  I can't
> get round is applications maximizing past panel.
> 					Mat

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