Re: development ideas (was Re: where is corba?)

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Miroslav Silovic e-mails me. Film at 11. Reply right now, after the break.
[good ideas]
> On another note, once GIMP introduced script-fu and gimp-perl, there
> came out some really useful scripts that probably took very little
> time to write. And then there is GIMP plugin system. Which gives
> another idea for GNOME: most of the GNOME apps I see in the app list
> on are just that - applications. It would be nice to see
> *small* scripts (in guile, perl, python or whatever) and small C apps
> that automate simple things and perhaps interoperate with other
> similar scripts. With things like dialog cauldron and Canvas and
> gnome-db it should be possible to do some real work in 100 lines of C
> (and even more work in 100 lines of Perl).

Wow. Those things should be really easy to write. In an afternoon
maybe. Why don't you write a couple?

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Film at 11

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