Re: Patch for panel -- done better this time

On 11 Aug 1999, Jacob Berkman wrote:

> (Matthias Warkus) writes:
> > BTW, last time I've got absolutely no reaction whatsoever to this
> > patch, has anyone noticed it? The HACKING file tells me to submit
> > patches to the list though...
> I more or less added this patch to my local panel tree when you posted
> it the other day. If I get the config dialogs done then I will make
> a branch, which will maybe become the 1.1.x panel.  So don't worry :)

IM(very)HO, since this is an end-user graphical feature for completness,
this ought to be part of the next gnome-core release. After all, there
aren't any major code changes are there to the functionality?

Just my thought.

James Green
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