RE: White Space (Re: UI suggestion: gnome-dock)

Okay I'm gonna get flamed with all the problems this would entail (but
argument is the spice of life sooo....)

Why not encourage that all gnome components are built using Libglade and
runtime XML interface definitions? By holding these those definitions in
some kind of repository with a thematic bent you could

a) Ensure consistency across user interfaces.
b) Implement guru/novice modes (if that's your thing, I personally don't
like the idea)
c) Encourage a certain Darwinisitic evolution into the UI's of the various
d) Let the individual choose the size of the buttons (etc) they wish to use.
e) Take themeability to a new level (this would probably result in some
really daft interfaces, but hey choice is choice)
f) Be cool.

The problems with this as I see them are.

a) Encouraging individuals to reimplement there UI's using Libglade.
b) Is libglade powerful enough to do this yet?
c) A slight (repeat slight) initial runtime penalty.
d) gnome-list drowned in people due to the number of converts from other
desktop projects....


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James Henstridge e-mails me. Film at 11. Reply right now, after the break.
> If you do not want text+icons in the toolbar buttons, just change your
> preferences in the control center (it should be under user interface
> options, application defaults).  As for excessive white space, this is a
> little harder to fix (and quite a subjective criticism -- I think the
> spaced out GUI looks quite nice personally).

So do I. Big buttons and big icons are easier to hit with the mouse

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