Agreed - they didn't do much if any research, they just installed and ran and 
listed what they couldn't do.  Yes this is what a newbie would do, but that was 
supposed to be an authoriative review =OZ

Mind you, in the same issue we have a review of Wine as a means of seeing how 
Windows code works and possibly - and I paraphrase - turn the freely available 
code into Delphi widgets and sell them for a mint =OZ  Plus, in the Advanced 
Linux how-to section, they discuss ip-chains.  And they show the HTML docs for 
this inside IE5.0 =OZ

Not exactly leading you to trust their knowledge, is it?

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>Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 20:11:09 +0100
>From: David Knight <>
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>To: Iain <>
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>Subject: Re: GNOME vs KDE
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>Iain wrote:
>> PC Plus (issue 155) has a GNOME vs KDE article.
>> I can type it up if anyone wants to see it, but the quick verdict is
>I actually found the article of poor quality and have prepared a response to
>it (admitedly I'm no expert at writing so its a bit pathetic) I plan to mail
>them the url to see if I can get the link in the magazine.
>For anyone that wants to read an early version:
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