Re: GTK+ library errors while compiling GNOME programs

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, "Freddy Ng" <"Freddy Ng" wrote:

> I get various error messages when compiling some


$ gtk-config --version

and see what it reports.

> GNOME programs like Balsa, gnomeicu, etc. Most are
> about the gtk-config file ( which I have but
> nothing is inside) or about my libraries not being

How do you mean nothing is inside?  if you type

$cat /usr/bin/gtk-config

you get nothing?

if so try to reinstall the gtk+ packages

> up to date. I downloaded and installed the latest
> GNOME version which puts the GTK+ version at 1.2.
> Anyone knows how do I resolve this problem?
> Thanks!

Joshua W. H. Steiner - - 

The nice thing about C++ is that only your friends can handle your 
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