gdm and gnome-terminal


I just recently subscribed to this list, so my question may be obsolete.

I've installed gnome-1.0 from self-compiled srpms/tars. All works
fine so far, glitches have become really rare recently.

Still one thing that's quite annoying to me: When starting gnome
via gdm gnome-terminal and Eterm do not close when exiting the
shell running in them. Example: I have bash running inside a 
gnome-terminal and close the session via Ctrl-D or 'exit'. The shell
terminates, the terminal's window is empty but does not close. The
same with Eterm, but NOT with xterm and color-xterm. These two
behave normal. It looks like someone catches the event from the
terminating shell before the window manager (enlightenment in this
case) has a chance to receive it.

Without gdm (starting gnome via startx) everything is ok.

Anybody found the same? Or even a solution?



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