Re: Writing a GNOME mail client.

Hello Michael,

On Sat, 17 Apr 1999 18:59:38 +0200
Michael Schuerig <> wrote:

> So, an address book doesn't really belong to one specific client
> but is a feature of the entire user environment. On the same token,
> a time scheduler does not belong in an address book or the other
> way around.
I agree that we should not limit ourselves to mail communication.
Address book indeed belongs to the user environment, not to any
application. I also agree that time scheduler or calendar server does
not belong to any specific app either.

On the same token, can we also say that text DATA or text editing
does not belong to a mail client, and a spread sheet DATA does not
belong to spread sheet app and so on?

> Keep the components nicely separated, it even makes development
> easier.


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