Re: Suggestion on how to resolve the 'logout problem' (Was Re: Why 'the logout problem' is a GNOME problem, not a WM problem)

First, I think we should spend too much effort on handling non-gnome
compliant window-managers..

This should be a short term problem..  I expect in the future, most
window managers will be gnome compliant..  For now, we simply have to be
considerate for a bit, too allow the developpers time to modify their

After a reasonable grace period, I think it is "reasonable" to expect
people that want to use gnome, that they should use a gnome compliant
window manager..

> 1) Change the GNOME compliance spec so that a compliant window manager
> uses the session manager in logging out rather than simply terminating.
> That should allow GNOME to logout properly even if the user uses the
> root menu to logout, provided a compliant window manager is used.

I agree with this..  The logout or exit function from the root manager
of gnome compliant window manager (started by gnome-session) should use
the same session logout as the panel..  The effect should be the same..
The session manager would then send the window manager a hangup signal
and allow it time to shut down gracefully  (I notice that window maker
usually segfaults at about this time, so I assume either window maker
has a problem, or gnome-session is not allowing it time to shutdown)

> 2) Modify gnome-session so that if invoked something like this,

I don't particularly agree with this.  If you add the window manager to
be auto started by the session manager, then the session manager will
send it a hangup signal when the session is terminated, and it should

I think this would require an option in the window manager config 
for "non-gnome compliant window manager" so that some other window
manager isn't started (suppose this would be where you specify to start
the non-compainant wm).

What would be needed would be a program that can be easily called from a
menu of a non-compliant window manager, that would cause the session to

This would then be added to the root menu, and the "normal" exit
function removed..

As for having the window manager started last in .xinitrc, and then
using the normal "exit command"..

This is simply not a sane approach..  Before I could select window
manager as the wm to start from gnome-session, I use to do this and it
caused kaos..

Things like the panel would exit ungracefully, and I'd loose my

There are gnome programs that a user may want to leave running all the
time..  Like the future mail app..  I would want it started as soon as I
start X, and be iconified..  When I exit X, I want it to automatically
exit, sanely..

It would be annoying to have to go and logout of all these programs



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