Re: Relocatability of packages

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Scott Gifford wrote:

> >So does that mean you have to put every *.app directory (which may be
> >scattered around the system) in your path? Wouldn't building menus for the
> >GNOMEprint and whatever be a big headache? And what about the separation
> >of system-independent vs. system-dependent data?
>   You could just symlink the parts a user would want to run into
> /usr/local/bin, or some other directory like /usr/local/apps...

I was under the impression that the idea was to be able to move stuff
around at will, so symlinks would break. And why is it better to symlink
/usr/local/bin/foo to <some-random-prefix>/ than to just
install foo into /user/local/bin in the first place? And that doesn't
address the system-dependent vs. system-independent data problem.


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